DBT Skills Training Modules
DBT Skills Training Group covers four modules:


  1. Core Mindfulness --- learning skills to increase self-awareness and awareness of the environment in a non-judgmental way, to live life fully in the present moment, and to control what your mind pays attention to rather than allowing your mind to control you.
  2. Distress Tolerance --- learning that pain and distress are an inevitable part of life, and although pain cannot be entirely removed or avoided, we can learn skills to tolerate our distress without making things worse.
  3. Emotion Regulation --- learning about the function of emotions, changing our relationship with our emotions, knowing how to change emotions that are unwanted or ineffective, and building emotional resiliency.
  4. Interpersonal Effectiveness --- learning how to communicate your needs and limits to others assertively while also maintaining the relationship and your self-respect, build and strengthen your support system, and think dialectically to decrease all-or-nothing thinking that keeps you stuck.
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