Comprehensive DBT’s Components
DBT Skills Training Group:

  • Provides group support and teaches clients new skills each week.
  • Homework assigned every week to practice new skills and reinforce learning.
  • Homework review in each group allows clients to learn from each other and an opportunity for coaching from the group leaders
DBT Individual Therapy:

  • Progress tracked by completing diary cards
  • Individualized target behaviors work to decrease life-interfering, therapy-interfering, and quality of life interfering behaviors
  • Increase skills use across various situations
  • Various emotions and intensity tracked
Phone Coaching:

  • Clients who participate in both DBT Skills Group and DBT Individual Therapy with Mid-Peninsula DBT or its affiliated therapists have phone coaching privileges
  • Offers real-time support to assist in generalization of skills acquired and its application in real-life crisis
DBT Team Consultation:

  • DBT Therapists meet weekly
  • DBT Therapists offer support and therapy to one another
  • Ensure therapists deliver DBT-adherent therapy
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